There is a little bump!
It sounds really weird saying this about myself! But it’s true and it’s actually happening… To me! (to us)

Here are some common questions I’ve been asked recently or since people have found out I’m pregnant:

How do you feel? Are you and your husband happy? Yes. We are really excited and looking forward to having a little baby, a ‘mini us’! I love babies. I’m actually growing more and more excited as the weeks go by. I hope everything turns out well!

How far along are you? I am 16 weeks + 6 days, and due in November.

Would you like a boy or girl? Well we really don’t have our hearts set on any particular sex. We can see ourselves with either a boy or girl. If you were to really press me for an answer, I’d probably say a girl. However we won’t be disappointed if it’s not. My side of the family all want it to be a boy!

Are you going to find out? We probably will do at the 20 weeks scan. I could definitely go the whole term without finding out though!

Do you feel like there’s an alien growing inside you? (My husband’s question to me!) No! Haha! But I do feel like something heavy is going on inside! I feel bigger everyday. I wouldn’t say I have put on ‘a lot’ of weight since being pregnant but I can see my stomach stretching slightly bigger everyday! (Duh! to myself)

Still early stage!
Are you eating a lot more? Do you have any cravings? No I wouldn’t say I am eating ‘a lot’ more, but I am definitely not skipping any meals and I make sure I am not eating too much junk, and drink plenty. I crave proper cooked meals, no chocolate bars and crisps. However I do throw in a McDonalds or two now and again!

Do you get morning sickness? I do occasionally feel sick when I wake up, but not so much anymore. It was more of a problem in the first 12 weeks, and even then, I only actually threw up a few times.

Are you scared of childbirth? Hell yes! Who wouldn’t? I don’t just ‘feel scared’. I think I have a real phobia but not dwelling on it too much. I’ll just have to remember that Nelson Mandela quote I wrote about in a blogpost some time ago. After all “everything seems impossible until it’s done”.

It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post, but it’s good to be back with something significant to talk about. Until next time! I would love if you commented below! Take-care.