When we get one day of sunshine, everyone rushes out to find a pub or beer garden to sit and enjoy it. I suppose if you are okay with 100 people next to you and don’t mind fighting for a comfortable spot in the sun, then you’ll be fine with that option.

I prefer to find a quiet spot where the space is all mine and I can be free to relax how I choose. This time I went to find a favourite spot of mine by a canal where I could watch the ducks, listen to the birds and lie on the grass. It was so peaceful. We (husband and I) sat here for about 2 hours (or probably more), and all this was ours apart from when a couple of boats went by!

I was desperate for this weather to last for the rest of the week, unfortunately the temperatures did not go as high. However the sun did smile at us intermittently, a couple of days later and I took full advantage of it by going to a country park with my sister-in-law, sister and niece. We brought our food and had a lovely time relaxing on the grass!

Two days later… 

Our happy place!

Fish and chips!
I couldn’t resist doing a little photo shoot of these two twinning in their beautiful African print skirts! Just gorgeous.

Niece and sister-in-law

Although the sun wasn’t as hot, we still had the best day. The simple things are the best and they are also for free!

What do you like getting up to when you have some free time on sunny days?

Alicia x