Signs of spring are everywhere! The blossoming trees and the beautiful daffodils popping up everywhere! I’m also noticing the longer and lighter days. It’s also such a good feeling to be woken up by the light coming through the windows!

There are so many reasons I’m excited for Spring! Here are six:

  • When I’m out, I don’t feel the urge to rush home in the warmth to put on my pyjamas and dressing gown, as I want to enjoy as much of the natural light as possible outside and breathe in the fresh air. During the winter time, I spend most of my time inside keeping warm so it’s really nice to be able to spend more time outdoors!
  • Nature is so much more alive in Spring time. Everything is popping up and the scenery is changing which is so exciting to see!
  • There is more sunshine which boosts my mood and it also makes me feel healthier and more energised.
  • It’s much easier and fun to dress for spring, as rather than prioritising for warmth (as you do in the winter), you can focus more on style in spring! Talking about ‘dress’, I haven’t bought anything new in a while… an online order is will be made any day now! 😊
First time out with bare legs since the start of the year!
  • I do love to take photos that are bright and cheerful and as it’s now becoming brighter, I will enjoy this much more! Natural light is perfect for photos I like to take.
  • I also love going to visit my mom on brighter days, and sit out in her garden. We usually laugh so much and make good memories on sunny days. I’m looking forward to these moments again soon!

What do you look forward to in the spring time? I would love to hear.

Have a lovely weekend.

Alicia x