Yesterday I ended up back in a pretty little town that I discovered last summer. You can find the blogpost here of that time I visited.

The main reason for this post is to share the photos I took whilst I was out and about yesterday, as I hoped I would find some gorgeous photo opportunities and boy was I lucky with the weather!  I woke up naturally to a bright and sunny morning that quickly turned overcast, but I had hopes that it would brighten up again.

I spotted this beautiful pink house! I had to pull over to get a photo!
I experienced, within minutes at a time, bright sunshine from clear blue skies and pouring rain from angry black clouds! It was amazing!

The beautiful sun I am forever craving came out!

A full rainbow!

It was actually raining at this point and my camera was getting wet!

Blue sky! You can actually see that the ground is wet.
I enjoyed a little wander around admiring the buildings and quiet streets. Spring flowers were popping up everywhere, which made me hopeful of better, brighter days to come! Spring and Summer are my seasons to be roaming around outside!

Colour in the ground!

Beautiful spring flowers popping up!

I’m obsessed with a brightly painted door!

So peaceful …again look at the sky!

Every house needs a yellow door to complete it!

Those were some of the snapshots of yesterday. I think it’s fair to say I found some of my favourite things – sunshine, colour & flowers! I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos! Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Alicia x