Last week was my first proper week back at work since the new year. It felt like such an accomplished one, and it’s not very often I can say that. The reason why I believe the week went so well for me is because I have been extremely organised with my work, which made the world of difference to my mood and how I felt. If I am not fully organised down to every little detail, I often forget things or make lots of mistakes. I also tend to keep thinking about the unfinished bits and so can’t completely shut off when I’m doing other things. 

This made me realise that if I have something to settle or put into action and there is no reason to put it off, then just deal with it there and then. I do try to practice mindfulness techniques to help with ‘worry’ sometimes, but in my opinion that works best for things that you have no control over. When it comes to practical things that I have to eventually get around to actually doing… getting them out the way works best for me.

Four (4) ways in which I organised myself last week:

Getting up when my alarm goes off instead of snoozing it to the last minute:  Last year, I used to hit the snooze button several times and get out of bed at the last minute which didn’t allow me much time to get ready. I always used to end up being late and that is not a good way to start the day. Getting up on time definitely helped me last week.

Ensuring the next day is fully planned before I go to bed:  I have to plan my lessons beforehand anyway, but in the past I may have put some things off until the next morning. This might be because I have been too tired or not in the right frame of mind to plan the night before (especially if I think I have some spare time the next morning to do it). Getting everything sorted well in advance made me fresh the next morning and I can start the day without any worries.

Using my planner as much as possible: There is one thing having several planners, diaries and notepads, but using them is another thing. I do write things down usually, but last week I felt like I was using them ‘smarter’. What does that even mean? Sometimes I make lists and some of the things on the list I know might be unrealistic… so why did I write it down?! I suppose being ‘smarter’ means to prioritise, be realistic and review. I did all three and I felt it worked well.

Declutter my workspace: This one might sound like a cliche, but it really did work for me. I made sure that I didn’t have any unnecessary paper work around me that I wasn’t using. I also kept my space organised every step of the way. That was both in my classroom and at home. It may probably seem like a compulsion at the time, but it really helped me to feel organise and get through the day smoothly.

I am hoping to try all four again this week and see how things turn out. What strategies do you use to help you stay organised? Please feel free to share them or leave a comment. I hope you have a good week! x

Alicia xx