Happy New Year! The first post of 2017. Everyone is usually setting themselves new goals or as they say ‘New year’s resolution’. I don’t have one this year, and I don’t need one. I’ve been there before (the whole joining the gym and losing weight, or eating healthier) and I’ve failed miserably trying to keep up. I do think having a goal or something to work towards is great, but putting added pressure on yourself to make a major change in a short time scale can be setting yourself up to fail.

I find it much more healthier for my wellbeing to live each day at a time and not make things difficult by setting unrealistic targets. One thing that I am certainly going to do is: continue to enjoy the little things in everyday life. There is nothing wrong with making small steps and gradually improve on what you are currently doing instead of trying to make huge leaps.

Here are some random things I did in 2016 that I’m glad I did! None of which I had planned to do at the start of last year. 

1) I created this blog and I still enjoy it very much.

2) I went to Blogfest16 blogging conference and a LuckyThings Meet Up. Both events were absolutely inspiring! 

3) I watched the whole 7 Series of Gilmore Girls between November and December! I couldn’t get enough of it. However, I’m not too keen on the last mini series “Year in the Life of Gilmore Girls“.

4) I braided my hair pink. Never before have I done such a drastic hairstyle! Apart from when I cut my hair (big chop) to go back to its natural state. I just wanted to try something different and fun! 

5) I take photos of everyday random things as a hobby and make them look pretty for my Instagram page.

6) I did most of my Christmas shopping online this year which was so hassle-free! Never again will I battle it out in the crowded shops.

I will have to see what unexpected things I get up to this year. Do you have any plans big plans for 2017? Did you do anything exciting or enjoyable last year that you hadn’t planned for at the start of the year?

Alicia x