The letter that I wrote recently, got me thinking about how much more special handwritten letters are! Here are six reasons why you’ve got to love them! 

1. So much more thought is put into writing down what you want to say. I feel it’s more from the heart. 

2. It’s more personal. I can recognise their handwriting and know it’s them (especially if it’s from a friend or family). 

3. I get to play around and be creative! I usually buy cute writing sets, and use a ruler to keep everything in a line on the page. 

4. Half the time I don’t just send a bare letter, I include other things and make it a little package, like sending a printed photo or card (especially when I am writing to my grandma – she likes getting such things) Once I sent her an adult colouring book with my letter! 

5. I like the spontaneity of it all. You don’t know when you will receive a letter and it’s very exciting when one turns up in the post. It makes such a difference to getting boring business correspondence everyday. 

6. I like that it’s the thought that counts and you will be making someone happy by sending them a personal letter or note! 

When was the last time you sent a handwritten note or letter or received one? Did it make you feel good? 

Leave a comment and let me know. I will be happy to hear your thoughts! 

Alicia xx