When Cee from @heyisthatme invited her Instagram followers to share their summer moments, I decided to join in. Why not? Summer is my absolute favourite time of the year! 
Last summer I visited the Greek Island Rhodes. It was the second time visiting there. I really liked how laid back everything and everyone was. You can go off on your own and explore, feeling relatively safe. The island is beautiful and the weather was glorious (about 32 Celsius /90Farenheit).

When picking a holiday destination, I usually consider two things (as you do), Sun & Sea.

Sun: It’s got to be somewhere hot. I always think why the hell would I go abroad on holiday to somewhere cold, when it’s already an ice box where I live? Although saying that I would like to visit a Scandinavian country at some point in my life, but maybe I will do that in summer time! Getting sunshine is at the top of my list.

Sea: I love the sea. Who goes on a beach holiday and doesn’t want to go in the sea? I am in that water all day every day! Therefore the sea temperature has to be warm. If you think about the fact that I am from Jamaica, you can guess the standard by which I am judging all the beaches. Greece was a suitable alternative  to the Caribbean Sea I am used to.

I was quite surprised at how clear the sea was! It was also very warm. I spent most days splashing around in the water (because I can’t swim!)

What are some of your favourite summer moments?

Leave a comment! Speak soon, Alicia X