Today was freezing, but who cares when the sun is shining? Not me! During the week, I’m stuck inside at work so I hardly get a chance to enjoy the few hours of sun we get in a day (if any at all).
Today, the sun was dazzlingly bright and there was hardly a cloud in the sky! Perfect for nature walks and general outdoorsy activities. I decided to go and check out some street art that I heard might be hidden away in a town not far from mine (Kidderminster).

I like finding street art for a few reasons:

a) It’s fun. I sometimes find cool images which can be quite interesting.

b) It gets me out and about exploring (on foot), and I end up finding places I didn’t know existed.

c) It raises questions about their (murals / graffiti art) meanings and about the artist behind each image. What were they thinking? What message are they trying to convey?

d) It also gives me an excuse to take photos and share with others. I feel lucky finding them sometimes, as they can get covered up or removed as quickly as they go up.

Here are some of the photos I took.

Perfect sunny day!
Let me know whether you ever notice street art or not. Do you like it? What do you like (or don’t like) about them?

Until next time!

Alicia xx