Before all the smiles and ‘nature ventures’, I had to kick my ass into action! Carry on reading to see how I got there with a bit of ‘mindfulness’!

I woke up feeling grumpy and sorry for myself. I was just in one of those moods where you start to think everything in life is crap and you can’t possibly move on! A little pathetic really, as the last time I checked I was doing just fine and had no real worries.

For a few minutes (in bed), I thought about the ‘worst’ things, the ‘best’ things and all the things ‘in between’ that I could be doing or could happen to me. Okay I must have been going a little crazy or it was just ‘hormones’. Oh I keep forgetting around this time of year, I do have such ‘depressive moods’. Some say it may be SAD (seasonal affective disorder) but I’ve never been diagnosed. I realised that nothing would change (I would lie here and waste the day in self pity) unless I got out of bed and made ‘it’ (a good day) happen. 

So that’s what I did. I attempted to start the day and ditch that grumpy mood I woke up with.

  • I ran a bath; 
  • Got my ridiculously best smelling soap that I had bought a week ago from Webbs (it’s seriously magical); 
  • Picked out a couple of books to read in the bath (The Power of now by Eckhart Tolle and Invitation to Meditation by Howard Cohn).

I lay in the bath and started reading ‘Invitation to Meditation’. I read a passage that said “The past is not real… The future is not real… They are all imaginary… ” It was saying that thinking of the past is just imagining it, and so was the future that hasn’t even happened yet.  So why waste time imagining things an worrying about things that doesn’t exist?! And just like that I made the decision to snap out of whatever spell I was under! I was going to focus on what I was doing that second.  Everything else that I was worrying about and thinking of in bed was just in my imagination.

I started to enjoy the ‘present moment’, which began with:

  • Smelling the exotic scent of the soap;
  • Feeling the warm water on my skin in the bath;
  • The touch of the book whilst I held it;
  • The Hum of the extractor fan in the bathroom; 
  • The drip of the tap, and I could almost 
  • Hear my breathing after I put the book down to take everything in. 

And just like that my outlook for the day had changed! 

How often do you shut out the past and stop imagining the future and be totally present and in tune to the little things you were doing?  Try it and let me know. Just stop thinking about the past and future and concentrate on what you are doing on that moment.

Have a great day. Carry on scrolling for a couple more photos I took from the day! x

Alicia x