I’m always taking photos, whether I’m out and about or at home. It’s fast becoming one of my favourite things to do. I guess I could say it’s now a hobby of mine. Before I go any further, I’m no expert or claim to be. I just love taking photos.

Emily Quinton from Makelight, talked about the importance of natural light in her session at the recent Blogfest’16.  It is much harder these days though to get natural light, especially because it gets dark so early in the winter months. I’ve seen how much better the photos look when they are shot with natural light. The weekend is the only time I get free to play around with my camera, and even then, time is limited. Despite these constraints, I have recently  thought of several different ways in which using my camera or ‘photographing as a hobby’ have inspired and motivated me in my everyday life.

1) It helps me to get up out of bed before the sun disappears! We don’t get many hours of sunlight, and especially on a weekend, if the sun is out… having the excuse to go and take advantage of the natural light to snap bright and sunny pictures helps me to get out of bed. It’s always great to get some fresh air in the morning as well and the day feels longer.

2) It stops me from being bored. I’m always on the look out for a photo opportunity and so take my camera with me every where. Whether it’s finding little projects to take photos of around the house or going outdoors to look for something specific e.g finding street art or nature photos. I sometimes do a monthly photo challenge on Instagram organised by Roxy Hutton, so I am always trying to challenge myself to shoot my own image to post for each prompt/day.

3) Taking photos for my blogposts – Sometimes I might take photos during the day and write a blog post of what I was up to on that day, so I can then feature the photos I took. Or visa versa, I might have a blog post in mind where I would need some suitable photos to go with it.

4) Creativity – I think my camera inspires me to be creative. Sometimes I might think of weird ideas for a photo or use simple everyday things to make a nice image. Once I used the pens in my classroom and a cup of tea to make the word ‘November’ for an Instagram image the first day of that month. I think using the camera and photography as a hobby helps you to be creative in whatever you’re doing as you might also use it a photo opportunity.

5) Capturing special times – whenever I can, I always take pictures at any family event or times when we are all together. People might not want to pose for photographs at the time, but I always sneakily snap a few and it’s always good to look back at them further down the line.

6) It’s so much fun! Getting really good shots that you can share with others is so much fun. It’s even better when someone asks me to take a photo of them and they end up loving it! I never even realised that taking photos is something that I really enjoy doing. It’s safe to say it is a hobby that I enjoy! I love my camera. Now I just need to master all the controls on it and try to improve, as I don’t know how to use half of them.

I can’t remember where I have seen this written down or who said this, but I think it’s so true. “Photographs are like hitting the pause button on life” If you know of this quote, please comment below and let me know where it’s from.

Also share any tips with me that you might have about being creative with the camera or ideas for photos on darker days! What do you like about photographs? Do you like to be in them or out?

Speak soon!  Alicia x