Earlier this year when I first started communicating with Sunita @LuckyThingsBlog, who I met through Instagram, she suggested that I joined her at Blogfest’16 in November. I thought why not? I was excited at the fact that I had started my blog, and I wanted to make more connections and learn as much as I could about the world of blogging. I went on the link she gave me to get the ticket, and that was it! I was going to Blogfest16!
It was a super early start for me on the day, actually a bit too early for my liking! (5:30am setting out). The conference would start at 9:00am in London. However I thought it was going to be worth all the effort, so I didn’t complain.


I enjoyed the entire day of inspirational talks, technical workshops, and networking with other bloggers. I ended up meeting new people that I would definitely keep in touch with such as Rhian @fromtumtomum. I also loved hanging out with some of my favourite ‘instafam turn friends’ LuckyThingsBlog, Heyisthatme and MediaMummy. The atmosphere at Blogfest was very positive and everyone had a smile on their face, and was approachable. img_3355

My highlights of the day were: 

A) Digital Photography for Bloggers session- by Emily Quinton, from Makelight. I have been following her on Instagram for quite a while and absolutely adore her photos. When I saw this on the programme, I knew immediately that I was going to choose this session (there were various workshops you could choose from, based on what would benefit you the most in your blogging/vlogging). She talked about taking better photos by concentrating on lighting (natural lighting is always the best!), composition, and styling. I certainly have lots of ideas now to work on, which will help me produce better images for my Instagram and blog.

B) I also particularly liked the session on ‘Digital strategy for Bloggers’ where Alison Perry and Richard Miranda talked about the technical side of improving your blog and how to gain more readership.

C) The refreshments were a hit! From smoothies, to delicious cakes, tea and coffee, to cocktails and prosecco! I didn’t expect this level of hospitality. After all- the ticket wasn’t cheap so I guess they spent the money on the us. There is just one thing they forgot, Sunita informed me that they didn’t provide non-alcoholic drinks, which was a let down for the people who didn’t /couldn’t drink alcohol.

D) One of my biggest highlight was being able to enjoy the day with the ladies that formed our little gang for the day! We laughed, shared stories, got tipsy and completely enjoyed ourselves.

E) Last but not least – Blogfest’16 goody bag! It was packed with lots of ‘good’ stuff that I definitely will be consuming!

There were certainly lots of other great things that happened throughout the day, but I thought I’d just stick to what I enjoyed the most from the day in this post. Do check out LuckyThingsBlog and FromTumtoMum for their take on the day and where you will get lots more details on what happened during the day!

Have you ever been to any bloggers event? Did you find it (them) useful? If you have any questions that you want me to answer, please ask! 🙂  Or you can just say hi!

Speak soon!

Alicia xx