Last Sunday I went to a social event that I was invited to by my Instagram and blogger friend Sunita @LuckyThingsBlog. It was a truly inspirational afternoon for me. Social media certainly proved to be a powerful and super positive thing in this case!

It brought us (the circle of people who have been interacting online, through reading each other’s blog posts, liking and commenting on each other’s pictures and giving virtual support) face to face! Although I was meeting everyone for the first time, it felt like I already knew some of the ladies for a long time and already had a connection!

The lovely Sunita in the flesh!

Sunita, LuckyThingsBlog is one of the most positive and encouraging persons I’ve ever met, and she has really inspired me to think positive, and also to help and inspire others. Whether it’s through her blogs, her comments on Instagram or even text messages. She always makes me stop and think because her words are uplifting. She is a genuine ‘people person’ that we need more of!

I’m going to narrow down this blog post to my 6 favourite things of the afternoon:

1) I got to meet many of my dearest ‘Insta pals’. First and foremost @Luckythingsblog who organised the event! She did a terrific job. @Heyisthatme is another lady that I was really looking forward to seeing. She came and picked me up from the station and travelled with me to the venue! Meeting her was very special! We laughed our heads off most of the afternoon. And of course a lot of my other favourites that I interact with almost everyday was there. Some couldn’t make it but hopefully next time they will.

2) The talk on confidence “Your Time to Shine” was very fitting for the afternoon. I think we all need to be reminded of some of these things sometimes. Sunita talked about “not relying on others for your confidence” and I think this was such a powerful reminder. If we aren’t confident in ourselves, happy with ourselves, no matter how much someone else says to you, “you look great or you are good at that”, you will always feel self doubt or feel lacking in something deep down, because it didn’t come from you.

I have seen this over the years with my teaching. Many years ago when I was not very confident in my abilities, I would feel so happy when I got a ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ on a lesson observation. I cared very much what other people thought of my teaching. However if something didn’t go right or I was criticised, it would knock my confidence immensely. Now, it’s different. My inner confidence has grown and I don’t necessarily look for approval anymore because I know or believe what I am capable of. It’s nice to be recognised, but I find myself not relying on it.  It’s like with style as well. You can be confident in knowing your style and express your eccentricity regardless of what others have to say. Even if they disapprove you will still go with it and not ‘get down’ because you know “you” love it and are comfortable!

3) The reflection activities that Sunita got us to do was great. We had to think of a time when we were proud, or something we’ve done that we were proud of. It was putting the focus back on ourselves

4) The cocktails were amazing at The Drift! My favourite one was the ‘TiKi punch’! It had coconut, pineapple banana liqueur, rum and passion fruit. The presentation was ‘wicked’! I didn’t take a picture of it even though it was ‘insta worthy’ but I was too busy catching up with everyone!

5) The atmosphere of everyone was just warming and fun! I have never met a bunch of lovelier people in the same place! And most of us had never met each other before! Nothing felt forced. It was just a great afternoon.

I met some people who I definitely want to continue and develop friendships with. Nicola @alifemoreinspired (very fitting name!) really gave me some positives to go away with, that will definitely help me in my life. We shared a few experiences and I’m so glad we got talking.

6) Last but not least! I loved the LuckyThings goody bags with the Weleda skin food products! This was a nice surprise and I can’t wait to try all of the goodies. I have already tried the hand cream which is amazing. It really does leave my hands super soft and smooth.

It was worth the travel down to London for the day. I am looking forward to Blogfest 2016, which some of us will also be attending.

What or who has inspired you lately?  Let me know if you have related to anything in this post! Enjoy the rest of your week! Also if you get a chance, pop over to LuckyThingsBlog to check out her recent post also on the meet up.

Alicia xx