1) Snoozing and not grooving!

I swear I go through about 5 cycles of snoozing my clock every morning before getting up at the actual set time. I think this in itself could solve the whole ‘being late’ issue.

2) Going to bed late

I go into the actual bed at good time (anytime between 7 & 8pm, even earlier, if I am really lazy or tired) but no sleep takes place before midnight! I think getting into a habit of falling asleep by the latest 10pm is probably a good shout. Not glued to Netflix.

3) Not planning your outfit from the night before

This causes me a great deal of hassle in the mornings! “What do I wear?”, I think.  “Oh this will do!” – and three outfits later, I have 1 minute to get out the door! This obviously causes me to get flustered and it’s all downhill from then. Planning your outfit from the night before is a winner at getting out the door on time.

4) Having a relaxing bath! (Just take a shower!)

I don’t know if I am the only one who runs a ridiculously cosy bath and sits in it when there is less than 20 minutes to leave the house! It is definitely the most relaxing thing of a morning, but you won’t be leaving the house anytime soon. Leave the baths until evening time and just jump in the shower!

5) Empty petrol tank

How many of us have left the car tank empty and think “oh I will just top up on the way to work” or “I will do it in the morning”? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. This is one of the worst things I could do, because I almost NEVER have time to fill up in the morning, and wished that I had done it the night before! It’s not worth it. You will be late.


I am currently working on fixing a few of these, so I am not late for the millionth morning! What makes you late in the mornings? I would love to hear from you.

Alicia xx