Today the sun was out, and even though it wasn’t the warmest of days, it was bright and the sky was blue! If only everyday could be like this! I would be happy forever! πŸ™‚

It’s that time of year when we are playing with our ‘winter warmers’. “Should I wear my coat? Will a jacket do?” I used to hate wearing coats because they just cover everything up! You can’t show your beautiful top or whatever outfit you’ve put effort into planning. I have now discovered that the trick is to invest in gorgeous coats and jackets! This fuschia pink coat in the photos is my most recently purchased coat, and I absolutely love it! It’s by Jaeger and it doesn’t matter what you are wearing underneath, the colour is an eye catcher. I now love coats! (Only if they’re pretty!)

My scarf was a Christmas present a few years ago and I can match it with absolutely anything. It’s such a beautiful piece to jazz up my wardrobe.

The coat and scarf even blended into some of the background today! I must keep a look out for more jazzy winter coats or jackets.

Do you mind wearing coats and jackets? And do you stick to darker tones or do you like a pop of colour?

Alicia xx