One of my favourite things to do is to enjoy lazy days at home. I do it all the time and you know what? I don’t feel an ounce of guilt! Let’s get straight to what I get up to when I am enjoying one of those days (which happens quite regularly). After all, I do work hard so I deserve it!


  1. Reality TV Binge: This is by far the most popular one. I shamelessly enjoy watching Real Housewives, Keeping up with the Kardashians and various other reality TV programmes. I would turn on the TV and go straight to E Network when I am having a lazy day.
  2. Catch up with my favourite youtubers: I do have my regular youtubers that I subscribe to and keep up with their channel. BrummyMummyof2, Gabe & Babe, BritPop Life, Dina & Sid are the main ones I keep up with. I do browse other channels occasionally as well. I also watch the Wendy Williams show quite regularly on youtube. It’s a talk show but I get to catch up on juicy pointless gossip on celebrities.
  3. Read my favourite blogs: I do take some quality time out to catch up on new posts from my favourite bloggers. I make sure that I am sat with a cup of tea in my comfy spot in the living room or in the bath, so I can absorb the content and comment if I need to. I follow several blogs, but two of my favourites are LuckyThingsBlog and BrummyMummyof2.
  4. Browse Instagram: I think I do this 20 times a day whether it’s a lazy day or not! I absolutely love the insta community.
  5. Online Shopping: Who doesn’t love online shopping? I actually prefer to shop online than in store. It’s just less hassle. I sometimes spend hours browsing and spend money that I don’t have, and often buy the same item I probably already own. Sometimes the item looks pretty on screen but not practical in reality! I do that quite a lot. I need to set myself a set of ‘online shopping rules’ to help me along the way.
  6. Music: I spend hours on youtube trawling through my old favourites and get totally engrossed in the music. I listen to a variety of music, from R&B, Reggae, Bhangra to World Music (what’s that?! Haha… I like Arabic Music and some other interesting sounds) I’ve been wanting to do a post on music, but haven’t got around to it yet.
  7. Comfort Eat: With food, I have no boundaries! I have never denied myself food that I want to eat, no matter how rubbish it is (I won’t be saying this when I am 2 stones heavier!). I do however prefer hot food. I like cooked, hearty food like meat and potatoes with veg, or rice and chicken, etc. I do eat junk food occasionally, when I feel like it. Back to my lazy day food treats – I would have anything from left over cooked food to watsits, peanuts or icelollies when I’m in my comfy spot. Apples, popcorn and haribos do appear in the mix sometimes!

All of the above takes place in my dressing gown, and no makeup!

What do you like to induldge in on your lazy days? And do you feel guilty after or while you’re doing it?

Until next time! Thanks for reading,

Alicia xx