I have survived the first week back at work after the 6 weeks Summer holidays. I had a great summer of relaxing, Greek sunshine and family time.  It was hard going back to work; waking up to an alarm, planning lessons in the evenings, going the whole day without time for a proper wee (yes teachers hardly have time for bathroom breaks!), eating lunch at my desk, and the list goes on! However, I made it to Friday alive and I am super grateful for the weekend.

Despite it being a hectic week, I have enjoyed getting back into a routine and teaching my classes. The new year 7 pupils were a joy to teach, as they were so keen to learn! Everything was new for them.

I feel like the year is flying by so fast, and it’s one thing after another to take up your time. I like to be really organised and keep on top of things, so I don’t fall behind.  Because of this, I am always thinking of the next thing that I need to sort. Sometimes I spend so much time saying or thinking of what I need to do instead of just getting on with it. I end up wasting a lot of time when I could have been ‘present’ or just ‘being’.*  I try to remember but unless you practice living in the ‘now’, you forget. The other day, blogger @iamalisonperry that I follow on instagram said she ‘spends more time panicking about how much work she has to do, than actually getting it done.’ I can totally relate to that. If I am not going to do it that moment in time, I don’t want to think about it! Why waste the time ‘thinking’ about doing it?  So that’s my plan. Get sh*t done, or not think about it! πŸ™‚

If it was your first week back at work after the summer break, or your kids’ first week (back) at school… I hope it was a positive one. Have a great weekend whatever your plans are!

Alicia xx
* I often try to practice living in the ‘present’ moment  or ‘now’ rather than living in my thoughts!  I mentioned something about this in one of my earlier posts. Check out the book “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle if you are interested in knowing more about that.