Several weeks ago I was browsing online and reading photography related articles. I wanted to find interesting places where I could go to capture inspiring and fun photos. That’s when I came to know about Digbeth (Birmingham) and its street art scene. My husband and I took a drive down to see if we could find anything, and to our amazement there were so many streets absolutely buzzing with street art and graffiti! It was photography heaven! Well in my eyes. So I took my camera out and began taking pictures! It was quite late in the evening, so we didn’t stay very long but I knew that I was definitely going to come back.

He found this one fascinating as he has a fear (or strange relationship) with spiders! 
Today was the day! We went back and it was like the first time we’d ever seen the place! It was just beautiful, artistic and had such a vibe to it! This is where the BBC TV Drama series “Peaky Blinders” starring Cillian Murphy was set. I haven’t watched the series, but it’s quite popular amongst many, if you want to look it up.

Peaky Blinders
Whilst walking around admiring the street art, we saw a wedding party! They literally just got married and was having their photos taken, so we obviously ‘photobombed’ their wedding pictures! (no we didn’t we kept our distance). It was so beautiful and everyone was so happy. I was loving those pastel bridesmaid dresses! Aren’t they just stunning?

Look at all that colour! Beautiful dresses x 
There was a ‘motor tricycle thingy’ that was randomly passing by and they  luckily got to take some photos on it! It was such a lovely day, and I obviously got loads of images!

What do you even call this?
Beautiful couple! 
They picked a great spot where they could get amazing photos! Very lucky too being there at the right time to get some photos with this quirky motor!

I love this one! I am obviously in love with my new braids! 
I thought this was super fun and cute! 
Muhammad Ali – I love this! How did I know he was going to do something like this? πŸ™‚
Does this make your eyes go funny? 
This is one of my favourite abstract painting that we saw today! We obviously had to play around in front of it!

I am proud of this action shot! I obviously need to work on them! But he is off the ground…win! πŸ™‚ 
You can imagine how much I was jumping up and down when I saw this colourful one! What do you see in the picture? I can see so many things! 
A bit flirty!
This is an interesting piece!
Be still…
Last one! 
By the way my T-Shirt says “everything is better when the sun shines”.  That is so true and I am happiest on a sunny day. The weather was just right, and I found lots of colour! I hope you enjoyed the photos!

Love, Alicia x