In a world where social media is such a big part of our lives, it’s good to stop and think about the kind of influence it has on our lives. I’ve decided to highlight the pros and cons for me personally, using social media on such a regularly basis. I am also mainly referring to the platform to which I mainly use (INSTAGRAM). I do occasionally use others as well, but I have found Instagram to be more suitable for the kind of content I want to put out, and how I want to interact with others.

Here is my list of pros and cons:


  • My happy place: I find so much inspiration through using Instagram, from crazy cute things / ideas / designs that I find adorable, to amazing people who share the same interests as me! I am literally happy when I am scrolling through all my favourite pages or posting my own random pictures that I love! (Call me crazy but this makes me happy!) 
  • Your IG friends are one click away: No appointment needed! Your IG friends are always there, day or night and it’s not intrusive either. 
  • Lots of Positivity: It’s a more positive place than other platforms I have used! People tend to not ‘air their dirty washing’ on there, so it’s harder to feel down. I certainly feel more positive when I look at my feed! People try to put out the best and somehow still stay real. Sometimes people do have down days but they have a more “let me turn this into a positive” kind of attitude.
  • Gives me inspiration: Everyday that goes by I learn to be happy with what’s going on in my life or try to find the positives in my own life. Maybe it’s because you are always trying to put the best out there, it sort of forces you to do positive* things, or create happy and encouraging content (but still staying real). 
  • It lets you realise your own interests : This space allows you to realise your own likes and appreciate your own life and the things that are going on. You can look back at your gallery and think ‘wow that was great – these are some of the best bits in my life’ or something cheesy like that!!

* omg count the number of times I’ve used the word ‘positive’! 





  • Time consuming: You can spend a ridiculous amount of time browsing content! Sometimes I forget that there is a time to sleep, a time to Instagram, a time to eat! WTH! It can almost seem like an addiction sometimes (but so what you could be addicted to far worse!).
  • Over thinking: You sometimes over think things before you post, which means you take 100 years to post 1 picture! (but I think it gets better with time as you become more comfortable with your purpose and your own style).
  • IG Gallery Envy: You might feel IG gallery envy, whether it be the number of followers others have,  or how pretty their pictures are, or how many likes they have! But again, with time, self realisation and confidence, I think this isn’t such of a problem. You do get over it and just learn to appreciate others more (give compliments, and turn it into support for others instead). This will make you feel better as well!
  • Lost for Ideas: You can get a block sometimes. Running out of ideas to post, especially if you want to be consistent with your posts (e.g. daily posts) can be a disadvantage. You don’t have to post for the sake of it. Some people post every two days or several per day, etc. but I suppose it’s working out what your style is. I have a few tips of what I do sometimes for when ideas run dry. I won’t bore you with them now – but can tell you later if you want to know.


There are different purposes and aims of peoples IG gallery. For some it’s  business and they stay pretty professional, some are creative designers which features some of the most extraordinary pictures which should say “do not try this at home” or “you cannot get your pictures as pretty as this not even if you tried!”, some people don’t have a style and doesn’t see IG in any way a creative space. I suppose that people just make it what they want it to be! It’s their own life and how they want to express themselves which is cool too!  I have connected with some truly inspirational and genuine people which I can relate to (and visa versa) which is one of the biggest positives! Do you also share any of these pros and cons?  Let me know by leaving a comment!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend!

Love Alicia x