For the past several weeks (months in fact!), I have been waiting…

Waiting for the sun to come out AND STAY for a reasonable amount of time.

I was once told that I am not going to have much of a life if all I do is look forward to sunny weather, because this is Britain and the total number of sunny days doesn’t total more than about 2 full weeks per year (not going by any official statistics – that is what it bloody well seems like to me).  


But isn’t life just generally much more fulfilling when the sun is shining?

  • Dress Happy: When the sun is out you can ditch the bulky coat, sweaters, and cardigan and wear what looks and feels like ‘happy clothes’! (I certainly feel happy when I am wearing light summer dresses, shorts and that sort of thing.) I can paint my toe nails and wear nice sandals, etc. Who wants to be forever thinking: “I wonder if it’s going to get really cold later on? Maybe I should layer up…, should I take my jacket? What if it rains? Should I wear boots instead?” It gets a bit ridiculous trying to dress for this crazy weather!
  • More social: You want to go out and make the most of your days, whether it be nature walks, road trip exploring a city, spending it with family and friends which usually involve being outside having drinks, food and general laughter.  It can be a dull life when the weather is dull.  Maybe others don’t need the sun to socialise, but for me it’s hard… I just find it a burden to go out and be social when the weather isn’t the greatest.
  • Enhances your Mood:  You seem to be in a much happier mood and have a more positive outlook on life when the sun is out.  (I keep saying ‘you’ but I really mean me! Haha! This is how I feel!) I usually wake up and one of the first things I want to know is, what the temperature is going to be for the day or I’ll look out the window to see if it’s bright. If it is going to be a lovely day, I look forward to filling the day with positive things and much more likely to make plans to do something fun and enjoyable.
  • Don’t need a Holiday abroad: (If sunshine is what you’re going for!) You don’t need to spend huge sums of money jetting off somewhere  just for sunshine(the Caribbean is my safe bet).  When I go on holiday, that is one of the main things I go for (sun and sea), so when the sun is out I don’t spend all my time looking forward to when or where my next holiday will be.
  • Health Benefits: You feel much better, health wise, when you have regular sunshine. I was so low in vitamin D a couple of years ago for which I had to be taking regular supplements. I don’t have huge amounts of research to put on here, but I know there are several health benefits and I could feel in myself that I felt much healthier when I had a lot of sun (when I think about health, I not only think about physical health, but also emotional, mental and spiritual). When the sun is out I feel strong in many ways that life is worth living and I enjoy it more. I think I suffer from that “Seasonal Affective Disorder” and it definitely improves when it gets brighter in the summer months (summer weeks in this country’s case!)
I am obsessed with sunshine!

Today is the first day of July and I suppose if it doesn’t feel like summer time in any other month, this is the month when it should definitely start feeling like it! Already today it was hot, cold, raining, sunny and just generally unsettled. I think I have become used to it in one sense, but in another I will never be used to it! I will always look forward to a sunny day because it’s when I feel the happiest. I do try to spend as much time as I can outside and in nature when the sun is out and appreciate the simple things. I haven’t been able to take my camera out much lately and take many sunny pictures because of the sheer amount of rain we’ve been having but I am hoping this will change in the upcoming weeks.

Have a lovely weekend!

Let me know if you also have a serious desire for sunny days!  

Alicia xx

Niece and sister – We love going to the park! Wasn’t very warm but the sun was out.