I couldn’t choose which one of the two titles to give this post! So decided to name it both.


img_0882Have you ever woken up way too early and think! “Wow, this is early!…..4:57am) Do I :   

a) stay awake and do something constructive! I’ll have way more time to chill later (Especially if your Sunday afternoons /evenings are taken up by lesson planning for the week ahead or other chores!)

b) go back to sleep – its stupid o clock! You are a fool, what are you trying to prove?

Like the fool I am, I stayed awake! My little sister was staying with me over night so I had to be up to open the door for my mom when she collects her at 8am.  I got my laptop and brought it into bed with me, wow this is really happening. I am going to make a start with work and not procrastinate!

Before I knew it something grabbed my attention- why don’t I get an apple!(Yes, an actual apple. To Eat. ) So I did and I came back into bed, messed around with my blog (nothing constructive at this point, just browsing), went on social media, looked out the window at the sky ( I can see the sky from my bed) then I suddenly started feeling a bit sleepy and so I dropped off for a bit!

Oh my word, I kept waking up Going to sleep ( each time with the “I am going to get things done this morning, super early so I can chill later” attitude ) 10am came I’ve been up since nearly 5 and I didn’t accomplish anything. Why was I punishing myself?
Can you see that I had good intentions though? Can you see that I made a plan? Can you see that I probably should have just carried on sleeping in the first place and enjoyed my sleep? I don’t USUALLY do this do myself! Usually I take pleasure in not worrying about “doing nothing” I think really it’s one of the best things about me… or is it?. 

Worrying about getting things done and thinking “OH I must use this time WISELY” is absolute BullSH.t (most of the times) and you are just being cruel to yourself if you really think about it. Here’s what you should do! NOT BE GUILTY about DOING NOTHING. Yes if you really have got to do something that minute because if you don’t, someone is going to die, or the house will explode or you’re definitely going to get sacked (fired from your job), then just do it then. But if it’s not and you think ‘oh it’s the right thing to do’…. Mmm mmm. Leave it and and enjoy doing NOTHING. Especially if it’s a weekend and it’s YOUR TIME to rest!**    It can’t be that much of a rest if you spend all of it worrying and feeling that way anyway! Surely (This I tell myself 1000 times and here I was doing it again- when will I ever learn) Though to be honest, I’m pretty good at doing nothing. Most days off I have no problem in just leaving everything, but today I just woke up with a buzz and thought maybe I’d be all productive and feel like the boss!

My breakfast!

So instead, at the moment while typing this at 10:37, I made porridge (with strawberries). I’ve never had strawberries in my porridge before! It was so nice! My other half is gone to work and I’ve left everything to do later on. I might get it done, I might not. But one thing for sure, I will either be catching up on Reality TV today, or watch some other rubbish, if the sun is out I’ll go and sit in it, stuff my face with all the food I can eat (some Jamaican curry is in the fridge!) and generally enjoying the little bit of weekend I have left.
Do you ever have mornings like this? Make these big plans for your day and end up procrastinating all day? Tell me about it, either comment on the blog or click “like”, whatever you fancy!

Have a super Sunday. Enjoy your upcoming week. I will!

Love, Alicia xx


** This little part only applies to adults and people who really deserve to rest! A thought popped into my head for people with kids – Would I give this advice to kids. Nope. They have to learn the hard way and do chores just like I did! 😉 Haha!